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About Us

Reimagining Creole Luxury

MANLUU is an American design house established in 2021 by Martinican creator and brand architect MoAnA LUUBorn and bred in N.Y.C, the house showcases luxurious, unexpected interpretations of Creole culture. 

MANLUU by MoAnA Luu, rapidly shot to notoriety with the launch of its jewelry, after superstar Cardi B went viral in a series of pregnancy photos while wearing a sparkling stack of MANLUU bracelets. The brand, known for its signature geometric and woven jewelry designs, has also been worn by stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary J. Blige, Issa Rae, Gary Dourdan, and fashion legend Maye Musk.

Say “Bel Bonjou” to the ManLuu Jewelry Collection!

The debut collection from the House of Manluu reimagines the evolution of Creole jewelry and honours the rich, diverse cultural tapestry of the French West Indies. 

MoAnA’s passion for Creole jewelry has been shaped by generations of heritage and expertise; some of her earliest memories took place at her grandparents jewelry store in Fort-de-France, Martinique. After years spent developing her signature designs across disciplines, this remarkable creator is bringing her groundbreaking vision of contemporary Creole luxury to the world.  

With an invitation to explore and a touch of nostalgia, the ManLuu collection features bold, geometric details offering playful and stackable gender-neutral pieces.

ManLuu by MoAnA LUU evokes effortless modern elegance crafted with cultural authenticity. The signature themes of refined gold woven rattan, oversized beads and embossed octagonal barrels come together in her collections . Each precious statement piece is handcrafted by local artisans in the New York City-based ManLuu Atelier in 18k gold, vermeil and sterling silver.

MoAnA invites the world on a journey to discover cherished objets d’art, handed-down through generations and re-imagined with humility, pride, and joie de vivre.

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