Discover the Apolline Martinique by MoAnA LUU

With soaring views over the bay of Fort-de-France, the Apolline Martinique offers a prestige travel experience and a journey to modern Creole luxury.

Envisioned by designer and creative director MoAnA LUU, this elegant boutique hotel embraces a tropical art decor with ethnic prints, frescoes trompe-l'oeil, natural impressions and the introduction of the signature House of ManLuu "tie dye blue" motif. At every turn, vintage artifacts and modern lines bring uninterrupted pleasure to the eyes.

Drawn up majestically in the lush greenery of a tropical park with ancient trees, Apolline is an exceptional hotel overlooking the capital of Martinique with panoramic views of the Bay of Fort-de-France and the Caribbean Sea.  

Inspired by a rich heritage of modernist architecture, the recently renovated mansion marries elegance, Creole identity, and tropical art deco with the comfort of discreet, high quality services.

Surrounded by warm red-wood terraces and a heated infinity pool, Apolline offers refined a French Caribbean lifestyle, replete with with authenticity, simplicity and hospitality.

Each space of the hotel is an enchanting invitation to rest the body and awaken the senses.

Visit the official Apolline Martinique website.