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Meet MoAnA LUU

Global Creative and Brand Architect

MoAnA LUU is a Martinican entrepreneur, global creative leader, brand architect, media expert and philanthropist based in New York. She is the founder and creative director of ManLuu, an American fashion house that reimagines contemporary Creole luxury. 

A creative powerhouse, MoAnA is known for transforming iconic brands such as ESSENCE magazine, ESSENCE Festival of Culture, Trace Media Group, and Activilong Paris Cosmetics. In her work in media, MoAnA has created and launched TV channels, television programs, web applications, websites and magazines used and viewed by millions.

Trusted to lead the way, she directed ESSENCE magazine through its landmark 50th anniversary. LUU is the architect behind the publication’s most successful and inclusive covers, which have garnered more than a combined 5 billion media impressions. She pioneered the inclusion of the first openly gay male star, Billy Porter, as well as the first hijabi model, Halima Aden on the cover of the legacy publication.  Her skills and talents have allowed her the opportunity to work with iconic talents such as Michelle Obama, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams and more. 

LUU’s signature approach to creation and design has propelled her through a multi-faceted and accomplished career spanning New York, Paris, London, Johannesburg, Manilla, and Martinique. She is known for bringing a sense of integrity and authenticity to the brands and projects on which she works.

MoAnA's newest venture is the House of ManLuu, (Creole for "Madame Luu"). This american fashion house showcases luxurious, unexpected interpretations of Creole culture

This transformative work is a continuation of a cultural journey that began with one of the creators most notable projects, the boutique hotel “Apolline Martinique” in Martinique. As its interior designer, MoAnA transformed the Apolline from a ruined historical building into a prestige destination for high-end world travelers.

Most importantly, as a philanthropist, she has been deeply involved for over 10 years in improving healthcare for developing countries by leading communications strategy for the global NGO The Heart Fund.