A Golden Legacy

The Creole origin story includes indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, African freedom fighters, Maroons, Indians and Europeans. From this melting pot came Creole culture, along with the ingenuity, imagination, and savoir faire of it’s craftsmen.
The Creole jewelry tradition dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. As Black people could not own property, families instead invested in jewelry, celebrating rites of passage such as births, baptisms, weddings, and anniversaries with offerings of golden heirlooms that were passed down from generation to generation.
In Martinique, gold is more than fashion - it is a statement of strength, courage and rootedness. From a very young age, children are bestowed delicate gold jewelry, while older women flaunt striking Creole hoops. Every piece has a story to tell, and represents each family’s legacy, eternal love, and commitment to one another.
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