ManLuu and Moana Luu: Fashion Trust US Finalists

We are thrilled to announce that ManLuu, our luxury fashion house that proudly celebrates Creole culture, along with its founder and artistic director, Moana Luu, have been named finalists in the 2024 Fashion Trust US in the jewelry category. This nomination is an incredible honor and a recognition of our commitment to reinventing Creole luxury through jewelry that tells a story, celebrates our heritage, and embodies innovation and beauty.

Since its inception in 2021 in New York by the Martinican Moana Luu, ManLuu has been an ode to the evolution of Creole jewelry, paying tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the French West Indies. Our passion for Creole jewelry, rooted in generations of heritage and expertise, originates from Moana's family jewelry store in Fort-de-France, Martinique. It's this passion that drives us to innovate and explore new ways to celebrate our culture through our creations.

The Fashion Trust US, which supports emerging fashion talents, has recognized our vision and unique contribution to the fashion industry. Being a finalist among 600 applications is a testament to the originality and excellence of our work. This honor highlights not only the exceptional quality of our jewelry but also our commitment to celebrating and preserving the richness of Creole culture.

This nomination at the Fashion Trust US is more than an honor; it's an invitation to continue to innovate, inspire, and share the wealth of Creole culture with the world. We are immensely grateful for this recognition and excited for the opportunities ahead. Through our creations, we hope to continue building bridges between cultures, celebrating diversity and unity in beauty and art.

 We would like to thank the Fashion Trust US for this incredible opportunity and congratulate all the finalists. This achievement is not ours alone; it belongs to everyone who has supported ManLuu from the beginning. Together, we continue to move forward, innovate, and celebrate the infinite beauty of Creole culture.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey and discover our unique collections that carry the spirit and beauty of Creole culture around the world.